Adopt a first time voter - Winner

Nominated by Nicole Nepe, Te Raumati (aka Tini) turned 18 years old this year. Nicole told us that he is “one of my baby cousins and in true youthful male fashion he wasn’t too worried about many things outside of his friends, cellphone and golf”.

Tini had never thought too much about voting and politics in general. But recently had the opportunity to read up on the elections through his application to apply for a job as an Election Day worker.

Nicole encouraged Tini to become motivated and engaged in politics. She says “I  wanted him to become an active participant in our society, whether he thought that there was a direct relationship to he's life or situation or not, I nominated Tini to attend a Te Puni Kokiri focus group which centered around Rangatahi electoral participation. There the focus group was encouraged to follow the Facebook page and their mascot William Waiirua”.  

Nicole then talked to him about what political parties are in NZ and that Tini should watch the debates. He then signed up to vote. A couple weeks later Nicole encouraged him to apply for a job as an Election Day staff member, which he will now work at. Nicole says he has done some good training which has also contributed to his understanding of the importance to vote and that they are both planning to vote early this weekend.

Well done Nicole this is a great example of taking a young first time voter and getting them really engaged in the process.

Jem Yoshioka