Stand Together update for April 2017

13 Apr 2017

Stand Together is our ongoing campaign for stronger public and community services, and our way of celebrating the people in our communities who work hard every day to provide them – from librarians to DOC rangers and customs officials to support workers, we represent more than 62,000 PSA members who are striving to make New Zealand the best place it can be.

Support the victims of domestic violence – submit now

Green MP Jan Logie’s Domestic Violence – Victims’ Protection Bill, was drawn from the Member’s Bill ballot at the end of last year and is now in front of Select Committee, where feedback on the Bill will be considered before it returns to Parliament for debate. The Bill would extend leave provisions to include domestic violence leave, and would provide guidance for businesses about what needs to be done to address domestic violence. Sometimes people dealing with domestic violence may be juggling court appointments, counselling, and additional responsibilities with children and housing, and this Bill would importantly protect those people.

We’ve prepared a form so you can submit your comments to the Justice and Electoral Select Committee – let’s stand together for the victims of domestic violence and make our voices count.

March for Science – April 22nd

On Earth Day – April 22nd – New Zealanders will join a global march to reaffirm science and knowledge as fundamental to democratic decision-making in New Zealand, and stand beside academics, scientists and public servants both here and abroad whose expertise is being unduly questioned for political reasons.

While the attack on science is notably taking place in the US, Turkey and other countries at present, we have our own issues in New Zealand where the integrity and knowledge of scientists is under threat; for example in freshwater science, climate change and earthquake resilience.

We encourage all of our members to stand beside our scientists, researchers and academics on April 22nd and join the non-partisan March for Science, supporting long-term thinking in scientific policy and respect for knowledge and evidence. You can find out more about the NZ march on their website, and find details for your closest march on Facebook.

Admin appreciation

Admin Appreciation Day is the 3rd Wednesday of April. Admin staff hold an organisation together. Whether they look after a team, an individual or a whole company, you can count on them to be the eyes and ears of your office. They are often the first point of contact for the public, called on to make critical decisions while juggling multiple tasks at once. Without admin staff, the public service would struggle. They are the unsung heroes of all our organisation. We had a great time celebrating this day here at the PSA and it is not to late for you to acknowledge your admin person. 

Send us some photos of you and your admin person.Tell us why they are your admin hero and we will pick some to share on our Facebook page and the best ones will win a Stand Together prize pack for yourself and your admin person.

Tell us who YOUR local admin hero is by emailing