Standing Together in Support of the Domestic Violence Vicitims Protection Bill

7 April 2017

The PSA have long been championing for Domestic Violence supports in the workplace through negotiating to have this included in collective agreements. Now there is a bill before Parliament that could make this law.

Family violence happens to people of any age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and ability. Each year half of New Zealand's employers will have staff effected by Domestic Violence in some way.

What does the bill mean

The Domestic Violence Victim's Protection Bill would provide 10 days paid leave for things like getting protection orders, attending court appointments, moving out of a bad situation or settling your kids in a new school.

Most importantly it can help victims to stay in work. A reliable income means victims have choices which is critical to ending the cycle of domestic violence.

Read more about the bill here 

What can you do to help

This bill is another step to saying domestic violence is not ok and that everyone deserves to be safe both at home and at work. It is currently before the select committee where written submissions are been considered.

You can help make a difference by showing you support and signing the submission below

sign the submission here

Submissions close on Friday 28th of April. The PSA will be making their own submission and if you wish to speak in person about your submission please contact (someone will be in touch with you to discuss this further)

With our collective voices we can make a real change against Domestic Violence.