Standing Together on the Auckland Housing Crisis

PSA 28 Mar 2017

As part of the Stand Together campaign we asked you to identify your key election concerns. Housing was one of the top concerns for all PSA members.

Earlier this month we invited PSA members who work in Auckland to share their experiences of housing. Over 2,500 people responded with full and frank comments. Many the stories showed how the housing crisis has affected PSA members and their families, friends and communities directly. These are very powerful and moving stories and provide very strong evidence of the devastating everyday impact on people of the shortage of affordable, quality housing in Auckland.

On Friday we held an event in Auckland’s Aotea Square to raise awareness of the housing difficulties facing many of our members in Auckland.

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Our submission

Our submission reported on the findings of the survey and presented some suggestions on what needs to be done by central and local government to address the housing crisis.

Read our full submission here.