Be a local Hero this election

Meet Tamara Baddeley. Tamara works as a home care worker who works with a range of clients aged from 16 to 95 specialising in both disability and aged care. For Tamara no day is the same. This election Tamara is a local hero. When she heard her 95 year client wouldn’t be able to make it to the polls on the official Election Day she jumped into action.

Tamara is arranging to try and take her client to the polling booth on Saturday. If that can’t happen then Tamara is going to ensure that either they head along to cast an early vote or get a special vote arranged from home.

You to can be an election hero. Talk to the people in your communities, at your workplaces or with your families. Remind them that Saturday is the last day to vote. Make sure they can get to the polling booths this weekend, or perhaps go together. It is one conversation that can make a difference between having some one vote or not.



Today’s local hero is Jacky. Jacky is a PSA Delegate Convener at the BOPDHB, and previously PSA Rep. Nominated by Catherine Anderson, Catherine had this to say about her local hero.

Jacky is an incredibly busy lady whose job and role have grown over recent years due to her passion and enthusiasm and the dedication she has to helping our staff, both members and nonmembers.

Jacky is just an amazing lady who does an incredible job helping and supporting others without judgment. She has personally helped me and I have seen the amazing and selfless job she does supporting others within our organization. She is a true champion to both the PSA, the BOPDHB, and our community. She is highly respected by management and staff alike, and I have no hesitation in nominating her as there is nobody in this role that would be more deserving and is truly a hero.



Stacey Muir nominates her Local Hero Ruth from Southland Hospital

Ruth is a physiotherapist in a Rehabilitation Unit at Southland Hospital. Her job is extremely busy as Ruth is very dedicated to ensuring that as many people as possible receive a highly professional and supportive service

Ruth constantly works outside of what is expected to meet the needs of her patients. She receives very little appreciation for the incredible amount of work that she does. Often this is working with people in very difficult circumstances, having to be creative to ensure the needs of her patients are met. Always with a smile on her face! She is my Local Hero!


Fran and Cheryl.png

Nominated by Cheryl Kingi with her Local Hero Fran

Fran is a local in her community, she is a foster mum to overseas students at the local high school, she’s the chairperson of the local community gardens, participates in voluntary Environmental work and she supports her community events and attends regularly to support the local people and their talents. Fran is a very active and hands on Mum and Grandmother. Last year she supported the local community in there stand against child abuse.

Professionally Fran is the best clinical supervisor I’ve ever had, she was a member of the CYF’s board panel for many years. Fran does not just support the social work team in our building she supports everyone. Fran gives great advice and is always there for our workplace and clients. When there is a crisis she is always there.


Bryan and Vicki.png

Vicki Black from Matamata Piako District Council Nominated by Brian Turner

Vicki like a lot of our PSA delegates is tiresome in working for our conditions and working environment.
Vicki is always prepared to go that extra mile. Always helping PSA members with advice always looking after their wellbeing
Vicki is always finding was of reviving polices and submitting submission on our behalf of our members, she never complains about the extra work she takes on.
Vicki advises and consults with our members on all steps along the way and keeps as all informed.

Vicki works for the rights and privileges of her fellow works, she stands up for her fellow workers at every opportunity
Vicki is always challenging management on their decisions outcomes and how they arrived at these decision she is a workingman's hero, a champion of the work place.

Vicki is someone that always goes the extra mile for her fellow workers and never complains, she is always looking out for the underdog and those how cannot speak up for themselves.
Vicki is our work place hero


Kristin Joy

Kristin is a casual library assistant who has been working full time (as well as teaching at a primary school) in libraries providing cover during our Fit for Future change process at a number of libraries within in Auckland. She helps customers, delivers bilingual story times to our communites and a supportive colleague and fellow delegate.

Nominated by Sally Simpson also a Local Hero. Sally says that what makes Kristin a Local Hero is her passion for advocacy. Kristin is always advocating for improving work conditions for all the members, especially the casual work force.

Kristin is a positive and passionate delegate with the hearts and minds of her members always at the forefront of her actions. She is a local hero for being the strong voice for casuals (and all members)

During the Fit for Future Change process Kristin collated members issues and feedback during the consultation process, she spent hours (often in her own time) helping members and providing support and advice.

Kristin ran workshops to help colleagues (across sites) prepare for doing expressions of interests and the interviewing process as well as meeting with management to advocate for collective issues raised by casual members. Kristin has been of invaluable support to other delegates, and is always there to awhi members and delegates.

Kristin is loved by customers and colleagues a like for her warmth, passion and openess. She is inclusive shares her love of Te Reo Maori in a way that move across cultural barriers and is valuable member of our local community.


Lauren and Genevieve

Genevieve Gaskill and Lauren Redshaw

Genevieve Gaskill from the Southern District Health Board has this to say about her local hero Lauren Redshaw

Lauren's job is incredibly challenging, she is tasked with providing education and therapeutic activity for a large and diverse group of individuals. She and her colleagues don't have access to the nicest physical environment or resources, but they make do with what they have. It is a busy and stressful role and requires energy and enthusiasm which can be difficult to maintain under the pressures of our health system. 
Lauren is always under the pump with her workload and has been working on a post graduate certificate in CBT in addition to this. She is supportive of her colleagues and takes on additional responsibilities to assist others.

She has not let some serious stressors in her personal life impact on her role or the work she does with her clients. She is ALWAYS energetic, bubbly, conscientious, friendly, warm and supportive of her clients and colleagues and does a brilliant job day in and day out. Lauren has a calming influence, and feedback I have received both from clients and staff suggest she is able to stay calm during difficult and challenging situations and problem solve in a way that's helpful to the person. Lauren is AWESOME! And a valued OT here at Southern DHB!

We are proud to share this story and more than agree Lauren is a local hero!


Katrina Hopkinson and Erin Kennedy.jpg

Katrina Hopkins and Erin Kennedy

Erin Kennedy, a delegate from the New Zealand Nurses Organisation, has nominated Katrina (pictured on the left) as her local hero.

"PACU nurse Katrina is my local Hero. A union delegate with huge knowledge round health and safety, she never hesitates about going in to bat for fellow workers or patients. And bakes regularly for us too".

Great work Katrina! Thanks for the nomination Erin and thank you to the Nurses organisation for allowing us to profile your awesome Local Hero




Jessi Abrams and Kayla Collins

Kayla Collins is a PSA delegate at the ChCh Work and Income Contact Centre. She is a strong, passionate and caring delegate who goes above and beyond for our members.

She works hard at ensuring our members rights are protected and their needs are being met. She is always available for them to speak to her and offers great advice. I enjoy working with Kayla as she is open, honest and is a trusted colleague and PSA Delegate.  She is not afraid to take on the hard work and put the time in to get the best result, as she knows it will benefit our members. She is a valuable member to the team and it is a privilege to work with Kayla.


Local hero Kate with Caleb.JPG

Caleb and Kate

It's Monday and what better way to kick start the week than with another amazing local hero. This nomination comes from Caleb, and this is what he has to say about his hero Kate.

"Kate is a local hero to me for the passionate serenity she brings to her work and community activism. With what I can only describe as an inexhaustible supply of passion, at Community Law Kate is out in the world fighting for equity and equality, while in her down time she continues this by supporting some of the most marginalised people in our communities through organisations like Naming New Zealand. When around other people, her passion translates into an enthusiasm that is infectious; you can't help but want to stand together with Kate on whatever she is working on. Even when dealing with the most unpleasant realities, she projects an aura of comfort and serenity that makes you feel as though there is no way we can lose. Kate gives me hope and confidence, and I can use that go and fight and win my own battles for equity and equality."


Sophie Manunui and Tania Cooper.jpg

Sophie Manaui and Tania Cooper

Friday is here and that means the weekend is just around the corner. For many a busy weekend ahead of activities with the family and in particular-kids sport! So with that in mind, here is one of our local heros. Tania Cooper from Swim City is passionate in her role for children learning to swim. Swimming is an important skill for our young ones to learn and gain the confidence when they are in or around water. Swimming plays a very important part towards the water safety of NZ program as a whole.

Thanks to Sophie (in the Stand together t-shirt) for nominating Tania.


Louise Woodthorpe

Yesterday our Stand Together campaign took us to Whanganui. This is Louise Woodthorpe, Administrator at the City Council, where she looks after Liquor Licensing. Louise is a newly elected delegate in her workplace and a PSA Youth member. A mother of two, a keen netballer, and she's busy planning a wedding. Here is a great photo of Conor our Campaign manager and Louise high fiving each other because they have both just got on their school board of trustees!!! Thank you Louise for being a Local Hero.


Sally Francis Simpson and Zanib

Sally is a hardworking and dedicated staff member. She is always there for the staff when we need her and always supports all staff members in any task that they do. She always stands up for the “little people” and is always ready to give a helping hand. She also always helps any and all customers, even the difficult ones. She always has a spare ear to lend when I need to talk to her, is a great sounding board, and is just an amazing person.


Linda Kerr nominated by Jackie Te Rangi

We recently received a special local hero story from Jacki Te Rangi and we are so proud to be able to share it with you all. This is what Jacki had to say about her local hero Linda Kerr.

"Hi, my name is Jackie Te Rangi and Linda Kerr who I nominated as a good sort. We both work for Wairoa District Council. Linda is the Credit Control Administrator and I am the Office Assistant. Linda and myself have both come through cancer, different types. Linda is one of our Union Reps and does an awesome job.There are days she struggles with the side effects from the medication. But being a trooper she carries on regardless. She has also gotten together a Cancer Support Group, they meet once a month to associate. She is a role model, and always cheerful. That's her I'm pointing to. Thanks, Jackie"

Thank you Jackie for sharing you story with us, and to Linda for being an inspiring local hero.


Johnny and Nadine

Nominated by PSA Youth Convenor Johnny Murnane this is what he had to say.

"She is a champion in our community and workplace. She works with people who have or still do live with mental health issues. She helps them find jobs and supports them while working. She is also a mum a wife and just an all round good person."


Vicki and Rebecca Shaw

Vicki from the PSA Dunedin office is one of our very own local heroes. But today she would like you all to meet her local hero nomination Rebecca Shaw (in the Stand Together t-shirt), from Otago Community Hospice. Rebecca is a Hospice Volunteer Coordinator. This is what Vicki has to say about Rebecca.

"Rebecca looks after recruitment and support for the 300+ volunteers that help the Otago Community Hospice. It’s a huge task and she does it superbly. She makes sure it’s a good fit for the volunteers where they work in the kitchens, reception, housekeeping, and gardening or in the hospice shops. She's extremely caring, nurturing and goes above and beyond on a daily basis. She sees her volunteering role as a two way relationship and does her best to ensure that volunteers find their experiences as valuable and rewarding as possible. Without her supreme effort, the Hospice wouldn't be able to offer the most excellent care they offer in the community, as well as the facility itself. Hospice services are provided free of charge wherever the person chooses to be, which is usually in their own home. Rebecca is also a worksite PSA delegate who looks after her colleagues equally as well. We are very lucky to have her and she is a joy to work with! In her spare time she is a solo Mum of two... what a woman!"


Sandra Booth

Today's Local Hero is Sandra Booth, who is therapy assistant at Dunstan Hospital in Clyde. Sandra was nominated by her co worker Lana Van Lierop and this is what she had to say Sandra is a super star!

"Sandra provides therapy assistance to our Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Language Therapy and Child Development Services. Sandra often initiates assistance to other members of our organisation including the nursing team on the ward, the equipment cleaning staff and admin team.Sandra is a warm, bubbly, outgoing, vibrant person and our clients benefit hugely from her friendly caring nature. Sandra often goes over and above her designated role, providing emotional support to clients in times of need and a listening ear to anxious family members. Sandra provides an exceptional service to our Occupational Therapy team and often supports us with new learning about equipment provision and practical tips to assist clients in their homes. Nothing ever seems a problem to Sandra and I feel she is very much an unsung hero in our service."


Jennifer Lawless with her local hero Whaea Katrina

Here's my local hero, Whaea Katrina. Whaea Katrina, who is obviously much taller than me(!) is a kaiawhina teacher aide at my son's school, in the Māori immersion stream. So not only does she have to be super patient, bilingual, talented with kids and teaching in te reo, and have a great sense of humour to put up with our little monsters, but she ALSO runs the after-school programme on top of her job. She is the link between me and my son when I go to pick him up, the first person to say 'kia ora' to me and let me know what I need to about how he is feeling, what she cooked and he ate, which bit he managed to injure and anything else about his day. If she didn't do her job, I quite literally couldn't do mine. Whaea Katrina is my local hero.



Janine has been our local hero in the Canterbury operations area for quite some time now! She fields queries from local members about everything from pay and conditions to "can you point me in the right direction”. Janine is truly committed to ensuring the fair and equal treatment of PSA members in Canterbury. It is at the forefront of her work. She spends a lot of her own time going above and beyond with member’s personal cases to ensure correct processes have been followed and a fair outcome is reached. Janine mentors other delegates in the region and also represents members at a national level with senior management. Janine is an active SWAN member and has been proactive in the PSA input to the change process with the new agency Oranga Tamariki. When Janine is not going into bat for PSA members or strategically engaging with management, she is working on the frontline with CYF young people. Janine shows care and support to the young people she works with and works hard to try and get them onto a positive pathway and a future out of the youth justice system.


Andrew McEwan and Derek Oldridge

South Wairarapa District Council Bylaws Officers Andrew McEwan and Derek Oldridge provide a 24, hour service to their community, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year – often in trying and potentially hazardous situations. South Wairarapa District Council covers a large rural landscape of 245,692 hectares, which include its three urban towns of Featherston, Greytown and Martinborough. On a regular day their Bylaws role might cover animal issues from general stock – like sheep on the road – to dog control, and the enforcement of all relevant legislation including the Impounding Act, Litter Act and the Council Bylaws. Both agree that the scope of their role ensures that no two days are the same. With the South Wairarapa coastline being a popular tourist and holiday destination, Derek and Andrew undertake monitoring and enforcement tasks over holiday periods around the coast and reserves where freedom camping takes place. Being part of a small Council, it is up to the two Bylaws Officers to be on hand as, and when, animal issues arise. Both Andrew and Derek agree that the hardest part to their role are the dog attacks, whether on people or other animals. “Particularly children, any attack on children is the hardest”. “There’s been a really big shift in the way people think of their dogs in particular”, Andrew says. “Where 50 years ago nearly all dogs slept outside in kennels, now probably 50% or more of urban dogs sleep inside at night and are considered as much a part of the family as children”. This regularly puts them in the middle of people who want to see a dog punished for an incident and the dog owners who will do just about anything to save their dog. Derek and Andrew are dog enthusiasts themselves and will go through multiple avenues to find the home of a found dog, or to facilitate the re-homing of an unclaimed dog. Their passion for animals, and animal welfare, helps drive them in their roles, and they work hard to advise and educate people on how to be good pet owners. Both Andrew and Derek are great with people, a skill which helps them to apply the human aspect to the legislation and bylaws of the Acts they are required to enforce. This is reinforced by the positive feedback they receive from within the community. Thanks to the guys for allowing us to profile them and to the newest delegate Mel Maynard for submitting the story. It was a great team effort. The guys were a little bit camera shy and being so passionate about animal welfare they have asked us to share a photo of another team members cute dog Sugar.


Michelle Turner Local hero- Nominated by Janine Bridgeman

So for the most part I have managed to hide behind the camera, my name is Janine and I'm the one in the Stand Together t-shirt. I also do the admin on this Stand Together Facebook page and for the most part of manage to stay behind the scenes. But this story isn’t about me. This is my nomination of Michelle Turner. Last week, PSA held the Women’s Network Conference here in Wellington and I had the privilege to meet Michelle.  Michelle is an Administrator in the Vaccination programme. Her job involves finding babies in her area that need to be vaccinated, she works with the families to set up suitable times for nurses to visit in home so that these vaccinations can be done. Michelle then travels with the nurses to act as a 2nd point of contact in case of emergency.  Michelle’s work is target focused, tracking down the patients can be tricky, there is still stigma that goes with vaccines, and working with multiple agencies can make this work quite tricky.  Michelle works part time and is Mum to an 18 month old, she is a member of the Women’s Network and a great example of a Local Hero.